Internal Communications

You spend a lot of time thinking about how the public perceives your company and how you communicate with customers – but what about your staff?

A robust internal communications strategy leads to increased staff morale and engagement. Regular two-way communication not only ensures your employees know where your business is heading but can provide that crucial insight into potential pitfalls.

Effective internal communications is more than just issuing a monthly newsletter, though. Different audiences prefer different communication methods; get it wrong and your vital message could miss the mark completely. With a choice of communication channels it can be a daunting prospect to decide what will work best for your organisation. We’re here to help.

Working with you to understand your business, we can suggest the most effective internal communication strategy for you. Whether for an on-going communication programme to a specific change project, we can ensure your message reaches your workforce in a clear and timely manner.

The experts at PEARCE-COUCH COMMUNICATIONS can manage your:

  • Newsletters
  • Company Magazines
  • Intranet
  • Staff Engagement Surveys
  • Change Communications
  • Event Management
  • HR/Organisational change
  • Procedural change

Whatever the size of your organisation, failure to communicate with your own staff can have a detrimental impact on your business. Talk to PEARCE-COUCH today to see how we can help you cultivate a dialogue with an engaged and informed workforce.