External Communications

At PEARCE-COUCH COMMUNICATIONS, we know the value to your clients and to your potential customers of a robust outreach strategy.
PEARCE-COUCH provides the professionalism, strategic thinking, and experience of a large agency, but functions with the agility and hands-on focus of a small firm. We are unique for a company our size in offering an in-house combination of public relations, creative services and social media management.
Media Training
As a senior manager or business owner, how you present yourself to the media is of vital importance. PEARCE-COUCH COMMUNICATIONS will demonstrate how radio differs from print, what radio, print and digital journalists need in an interview, plus practical tips and coaching for handling broadcast media interviews.
We’ve all witnessed very public media disasters over the past few years, many of which may be attributed to poor or limited media training. With the emergence of 24-hour rolling news output it’s more important than ever for an organisation to be equipped with the right tools – especially when media exposure is linked to a crisis.  One poorly-judged comment can significantly damage your brand.
PEARCE-COUCH will guide you through how to be the perfect interviewee; how to deliver what the media wants without putting your company’s integrity at risk.

Customer Service
Your business or organisation can survive or fall on the precepts of customer service.  At PEARCE-COUCH, we offer a complete customer service package. For more details, go here.